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Simple Login Source for ODIN Files

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Sep 20, 2009
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Ok uhm i built a basic launcher for Odin Files in C#.

It manage the token stuff and user authentication.

ITS NOT SECURE !!!! There is no anti sql inject and stuff, you guys need to do it by yourself.

And there is no WCF transport security. You need to use some sort of certificate for it or a custom authentication.

In that package is the launcher & server. You need to define IP's & MSSQL connect string in the config files.

The fiesta server ip is in the Client.cs class.

MD5 password is needed no salt.

uhm...if u go live with this you should do the client connection in code not with config file.

Config file on server side is just fine cuz normally no one will see it...

This login system is designed for the OdinRest Server & Database.
The connection string is in LoginServer.exe.config.

<add name="connstring" connectionString="Server=;Database=Account;User Id=sa;Password=123456789;"/>

change it to w/e you use

could happen that a reference is missing. the dll is located in the debug folder.

Visual Studio 2012 .NET 4.0

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