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Some Bugs

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Jan 21, 2007
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These are some drops i noticed till my lvl 82 ( i think with time i'll find many more)

1) when u sell something to a NPC they don't give exact amount of money (example : saint iron helm worth 2k : NPC gives 10k Grand Bull sword worth 10k NPC gives 0 zulie Oo )
2) damage of mob's hits is too high (i'm lvl 82 and an aqua guardian which is lvl 40 mob hits me 500 hp Oo )
3) skill's buff disappear before regular time
4) candle ghosts are missing in game
5) when u refine something the (number of refine) doesn't appear on ur inventory...when u drop it and pick up again it appears
6) quests don't work (except first job change quest) others are all stucked on first step
7) hp recovery when using food is not correct
8) when party gets lvl up hp and mp of members should be at 100%...but they don't get recover
9) teleporters don't work....also NPCs with the ships don't work
10) bonfire doesn't recover ur hp and mp
11) when u sit only hp gets recover...not mp
12) summons always miss with their hits and also mobs always miss to them
13) mobs never drop hp food
14) with jobs that require arrow or bullets they finish before reaching 0 (example : it says i still got 300 arrows to use...but my char can't shoot cos he needs new arrows)

Hope someone will fix them
Not open for further replies.