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sro_client crash

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Aug 15, 2012
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Hello all...
My server(s) are running nice and everything is working fine ...
But when i start client (via edx loader or via launcher) the client loading screen is loading for some seconds and then the client crash and close without error... i hope someone can help me
contact me here or in skype: p4ti92

iam using edited client ... at first i used clean client >> i got error 1/2... and 1/4 .. i think u know this errors... iam using JaeOnline DB ... And iam using Media.pk2 from full client Jae Online ... I didnt edit anything on media.pk2 i just used IPInput on my .pk2 file... i already told that i can start game with edx loader or launcher and all time same ... client start ... and crash and close about 10 sec later

i already watched in dump folder and found this lines...

File Not Find. (LoadData) : "server_dep\silkroad\textdata\magicoptionassignfor tradeequip.txt"


D:\vss-od\Silkroad\Client\client\GlobalDataManager.cppƒv Terminate Program

when i look into the media.pk2 i really cant find the file ... where can i download it an import it ?

or where can i disable that the client search for this file ?