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Tantra Genesis Mobile Development

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Nov 20, 2022
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Greetings, Tantra Citizens!

We have refined this post to deliver a more organized and detailed introduction to the
Development of Tantra Genesis Mobile. Our passionate duo, Ashesh and Trent, is dedicated to reviving the beloved Tantra Online experience by AMPED while incorporating contemporary features. We are actively seeking talented artists, individuals proficient in mobile game exploitation for security testing, and participants for our exclusive stress testing event.

Key Project Details:

  • Development Team: Ashesh and Trent
  • Device Compatibility: Android (minimum 3GB RAM) and iOS devices
  • Performance Optimization: Designed for both low-end and high-end devices, providing exceptional graphics and stable performance

Performance Specifications:

  • Low-end devices: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro running at 30fps on medium settings
  • High-end devices: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra running at 60fps on high settings HDR and x4 AA; capable of reaching 120fps on custom settings

Core Gameplay:

  • Leveling: Incorporates both classic and party leveling systems
  • Skills and Chakras: Adheres to the traditional approach
  • Quests: Features original 1st Job and 2nd Job quests, aiming to include as many classic quests as possible, while staying true to their essence
  • Item Attributes: Retains classic item attributes and stats
  • Trading: Player to Player Trading

Modern Features:

  • Duel Betting: Offers in-game, customizable duel rounds with item betting or rupiah betting system that prompts player before the duel starts (Standard Duel is still the main system and this is just an added feature )
  • Events: Introduces automated events, battle passes, daily quests, and daily and monthly login rewards
  • Fashion Transform: Allows players to wear fashionable items without affecting stats
  • KARMA System: Enhances the KARMA system, classic KRUMA system, Guild War, and world boss events
  • Item Chat Link: Enables players to showcase their items in chat without trading
  • Party Matchmaking: Permits players to create custom parties for seamless collaboration
  • No AUTO BATTLE Function: Preserves the farm-to-win or grind-to-win system
  • In-game Photo Mode: For players likes to flex their characters on social media platforms

Exclusive Stress Testing:

  • Welcoming participants with compatible Android and iOS devices (Instructions will be added no ETA)
  • Device Requirements: Android devices with a minimum of 3GB RAM; iOS device compatibility ensured
  • Seeking individuals experienced in mobile game exploitation for security testing purposes

Item Mall and Customization:

  • Focuses on consumables and non-stat-boosting fashion items
  • Prana orbs and Repel orbs will be added
  • Provides custom emote animations for various in-game purposes
  • Commits to a "Pay-2-Style" approach, avoiding "Pay-2-Win" elements

Development Progress:

  • Close BETA Phase 2.0 approaching
  • Roadmap currently being refined
  • More features will be added as development progresses
  • "Rome wasn't built in a day": We may be slow in development, but we are dedicated to delivering our best


  • We are in need of clean or minimally modified versions of Old or New Client and Server Files for our mobile development experiments and comparisons


  • Special thanks to Eliana Gherbaz, also known as GM Black, for teaching me the logic behind Tantra file formats

Contact Information:

Please feel free to reach out to me through the contact information provided above if you have any questions or require additional information. We appreciate your interest and look forward to your contribution in making Tantra Genesis Mobile a reality.

Best regards,
Ashesh, Developer of Tantra Genesis Mobile
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Jun 10, 2022
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Hello everyone! I am Ashesh, the developer of Tantra Genesis Mobile.

I am starting this thread because I am in need of some assistance such as Artists and other sort, and also to share some infos regarding our project. Also I am looking for people who can be a part of the coming EXCLUSIVE STRESS TESTING.
Android Devices required atleast 3GB Ram and also iOS Devices are now supported.

Tantra Genesis Mobile is composed of 2 Devs only as of now, me and Trent.

Tantra Genesis Mobile will aim to support low-end devices but still maintaining good graphics and stable performance.
As of this moment, a 3GB RAM Android Phone, specifically Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, runs on 30fps stable on medium settings.

On Higher end phones like Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, it can run 60fps on High Settings HDR and x4 AA, can reach 120fps on custom settings.I will post some videos and clips on devices used once I do some recordings.
I will try not to Screen Record because Screen Recording a game downgrades the quality since it will use graphics rendering and cpu usage.

Anyways, our game will be similar to Tantra of ABS-CBN before.
-Classic leveling, party leveling, all skills and chakras and other aspects are classic.
-All item attributes and stats are classic.
-Classic Quests, 1st Job Quest and 2nd Job Quest.

All of those experiences we played during those old gold days will be similar and we will experience those times again. Even the refines are same, if youre too unlucky, it will not only break the item but also your heart :*:.

We will also have an item mall but will NOT compose of Equipments, Armors or Accessories. They will focus on Consumables.We will also add Fashions which dont have stats, they will work as skins only.

Custom Emote Animations for whatever purpose you may use, like insulting animations after killing your duel opponent, or after killing someone, your choice xD.

WE WONT BE A PAY-2-WIN Server. But we will be a PAY-2-STYLE instead xD!

Welp, I wont write it all here now. I will try to create a proper thread and will create a forum site and etc etc. and more informations in the future.

And also last thing, I am searching for an OLD Client and Server Files, maybe K2 or K3, or any versions that are clean, as long as the Game Graphic Settings of LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH is functional. It will be used for some experiments for the mobile development.

Also, I give thanks to @Eliana whom taught me the logic of the maps and how they function, and that resulted the creation of my SCRIPT TOOLS that is able to extract tantra maps. All the maps are now extractable with my script with around 95% precision. And they can be used on any project or engine with the right knowledge. I will attach some screenshot I took as results of the script below. Soooo, this is all for now.

DEV / Tantra Genesis Mobile

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible mobile game you have created for Tantra Online. Your dedication and hard work in bringing this game to life is truly remarkable.Your passion for game development shines through in every aspect of this game. From the immersive graphics to the engaging gameplay, every detail is carefully crafted to provide an unforgettable gaming experience.I have personally spent countless hours playing this game and have been blown away by the level of creativity and innovation that you have brought to Tantra Online. Your talent and expertise in game development is truly outstanding.Your contribution to the world of mobile gaming is something that should be celebrated and recognized. Thank you for creating such an incredible game for Tantra Online, and for bringing so much joy and entertainment to so many people.:thumbup: