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The O.C.

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May 1, 2004
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I watched all episodes so far, downloaded them all.

It's in Orange County in Newport, it's basicly a 16 year old guy (Ryan Atwood) who lives in Chino (poor city) and stole a car with his brother and they got caught, his brother went to jail, but since he was a minor he could go home, his lawyer (Sandy Cohen) left him his card with his personal number as he felt things wouldn't go right, and it didn't, he got kicked out, he tryed getting a place to sleep but that didn't work out, so he called Sandy and he got picked by him and would stay at his place untill child services opened again, but he and the son of Sandy and Kirsten got into a fight at a party and he had to leave right away, but when he arrived at his house it was empty and Sandy took him back to his house.

That's basicly the first episode, it's pretty good.