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the shitest nite of my life,,

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Feb 19, 2003
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well where do i start..

went out town with my mate to have a few drinks then met with some other mates, but then 1 of my mates started a fight with me!! for no reason so i went crazy at him untill some 1 pulled me off him. then i went home just to find out then my gf has dumped me, then after feeling like total poop i went bed but then woke up at 3am by my sister coz she came home and some 1 had gave her a pill or summit and haveing a bad trip, she was screaming she wants to die and just not making any sence.. so i got back to sleep at 7am when she finally went sleep...

tbh i feel so Ducking depressed


r u sure that wasn't a nightmare ?

but neways that sux major butt ><
wish u luck in the future :good: