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Trouble fixing teleportation freeze..

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Feb 10, 2007
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I'd like to start by saying thank you to everyone who has been contributing to this awesome community and have been putting hard work into getting these emulators/private servers working.

I am using the Mangos private server from http://forum.ragezone.com/world-warcraft/mangos-tbc-server-2-0-6-6337-a-214551.html
and it is working very well! I had a few troubles setting it up but I managed to get them sorted out, however I still have one problem.

I have been unable to fix the teleport freezing issue. I have read this solution but I am unable to understand what it means ><
Thanks to : tomi

K. i figured out the solution

1 : Open the sql file

2 : Role down and find inster intro gameobject value

3 : Select all of the lines that are a part of the gameobject value

4 : When you reach the botter youl find ANOTHER inster intro gameobject value...

5 : Delete the lines you have selected

6 : Save and close

What is this sql file the author (tomi) refers to in step 1? As I used the automated '1 click' setup with the repack I used in the link above, I really have no idea what went where. If anybody could show me a screenshot or give me a little more detailed description of how to fix the teleportation freezing problem, I would be very grateful.

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