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L2O wrong protocol???

Initiate Mage
Mar 19, 2007
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my english is poor
plz be patient...

i built l2server by "RaGEZONE_Official_C4_Pack_Live.rar"
set up is completed! also created new account!

and i runed
1.. L2LogD.exe
2.. Cached.exe
3.. L2AuthD-C1.exe
4.. L2Server_bind_no_wnd_err.exe

server worked perfect!
then running c1 client
and new account logined OK
problem is in here
next i select BARTS server
the message say that "protocol version is wrong"
whats the matter with my server T_T
country code is already done
on earth.... what is matter?

so i turned my server different
1.. L2LogD.exe
2.. Cached.exe
3.. L2AuthD.exe
4.. L2Server.exe
this time...
server worked perfectly too
but,,i cant even longin account
selecting server screen is no where;

i spent so much time
help me T_T