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  1. X

    looking for c++ dev for pb

    I need a C++ developer to work with OFFICIAL Piercing Blow files, you need to speak Brazilian!
  2. MuxGlobal

    Looking for Developers experienced in С++ and Vulkan

    We are looking for 2 programmers with different responsibilities to join Bless MU Online team: Vulkan programmer Requirements: Knowledge in the field of graphics, experience with the cross-platform Vulkan API Excellent knowledge of OpenGL Programming experience in the MU Online segment...
  3. L

    how can i hook client-side

    hi i am new in this business and i am working on a project but i don't understand exactly what should i do, what i want to do is hook the client with IDA Pro, i see functions but when i look at people who are already doing this job, the functions are understandable, so to give an example they...