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cabal online

  1. M

    Job to Automatic Backup DB's

    First Open the SQL Server Managment 1 - Go in SQL Server Agent, right-click Jobs - New Job 2 - In General window put any name you want (like BackupDBS, DatabaseBackup or whatever you want) Description is optional. 3 - In Steps, Click New, Put some step name (I put st_backupDbs name, cause st =...
  2. M

    Good Cabal Website

    it's been a while since anyone release a Good Cabal website for the community, so i want to release a good website that i used some months ago, hope you guys like it, I remove some systems, because i paid to make them, didin't come inside the website files, i will let the pictures from the...
  3. A

    Headpiece swap file

    Hi Guys, I play on europe and they didn't release those for na/eu. I know there are ways to swap files but I have no experience in programming. Can someone help me swap this headpiece with something else I have? You must be registered for see element.
  4. w3rnis

    [Cabal Online]Eclipse Cabal: Shadows Unveiled

    Eclipse Cabal: Shadows Unveiled You must be registered for see element. Web: You must be registered for see element. Discord: You must be registered for see element. Rates: Medium-High Rate Server Map Drop - 1x | Dungeons x2-x3 Skill Exp - x1000 Starting Stats: Starting Level - 130 Battle...
  5. chaaanito

    Cabal Server ep2/ep8 Docker (Alpine Linux w/ Self-Hosted Controller ZeroTier)

    First of all I want to give all the credits to Artem. If you want to self-host, or play remotely behind a NAT. System Requirements: Alpine Linux 2 Cores 2gb Ram 10gb Disk You must be registered for see element.
  6. K

    Class 9 Leaked MOBS.SCP PROBLEM ingame

    About MOBS.SCP guys. please help. I already adjust the HP ATTACK and DEF in any Mobs of need to revamp. BUT the only change is HP . the ATTACK and DEF is not Changed already but i already change the ATTACK and DEF. i already Change the ATTACK and DEF of MOBS first Boss of B3F forgotten. but...
  7. A

    [CABAL Online] Cabal Elysium - Age of War [NEW & HOT!]

    You must be registered for see element. ** About Us ** Hello Dear Cabal Community! We are Elysium Team and we did created unique Cabal server which is supported with SELF MADE GAME SYSTEM! Because of that we are able to do almost unlimited content for you ! Server is created for players and...
  8. MrSensei

    [EP8/2] Improved MMO Paradox Launcher

    Alternative Download Link: You must be registered for see element. This is an original MMO Paradox Launcher for Cabal Online Private Server which has the following: Slightly more clean and optimised code. Version check made for cabal.exe instead of cabalmain.exe Added compiling / setup...
  9. MrSensei

    [Source] Map/Dungeon Creator

    You must be registered for see element. [I cannot guarantee how much of those are working 100%, but as they are source - you can see whole code and adjust/update it based on your needs.] Credits goes to chachuy25, GODSKIN, FatDuck, Yamachi & Developer MagnaDever. Some of chachuy25 threads...
  10. MrSensei

    [Server] Understanding Assistant.scp - Mercenaries

    This file is responsible for the mercenaries. Those almighty (or not) helper NPCs in dungeons. Client side is pretty much equivalent to server, excluding the fact, that it contains an additional parts to link icons, mercenary model (.ebm) and sounds. File contains 3 tables: [Main] - General...
  11. MrSensei

    Official Cabal Online Episode 3 Server Source Episode 3

    You must be registered for see element.
  12. MrSensei

    [Cabal Online] Guild Emblem Generator (Source & Compiled) v1

    You must be registered for see element. Credits goes to Kome Keto.
  13. MrSensei

    [Cabal Online] Compiled and Decompiled (Working) Bega Admin Tool v1

    Original thread can be found You must be registered for see element..
  14. MrSensei

    [Server] Understanding Ability.scp

    It's me again! Ability.scp is responsible for Essence Runes, Blended Runes, Flasha crafting section and all of their requirements. F.A.Q.: > How does AXP work? - It is working same as EXP - simple leveling and based on it, you will get specific rates of AXP. > How many required items can I...
  15. MrSensei

    [Server] Understanding Pet.scp

    Short, general, explanatory tutorial on pet.scp and few notes on what does what, with few tricks included. Pet.scp - file responsible for pet settings. It has 5 tables: [Pet_Ex] [Pet_Option] [Level] [ReqEXP] [Pet_Price] Full description: Table 1 - Pet_Ex [Pet_Ex] - row number, mainly for...