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  1. notestsoft

    010 Sweetscape Template for mobserver.bin

    Here is an unfinished 010 Sweetscape Template for the new mobserver.bin file inside the clients. To make it work with the KR Version you need to append 4 bytes at the end of the structure.
  2. notestsoft

    [Ongoing] Cabal Online Emulator

    You must be registered for see element. It is completely open source; community involvement is highly encouraged. License - MIT Disclaimer This project is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored with any specific game title or its developers. It is designed solely for...
  3. mihail77bg

    Custom Overlord SQL system

    Hello guys I will release a simple overlord system that i haven't used but it's working it's simple SQL code that updates the skills based on character exp, some ppl asked me for that but i don't need it so that's why i will release it maybe some newbie will use it for their server. Planning to...
  4. PwrDex

    [Cabal Online] Mob Pack Generator Tool for Episode 8 + Source 1.0

    Easy tool to generate NMap lines to make your custom mob spots. Source included, easy to use. You must be registered for see element.
  5. PwrDex

    [Cabal Online] Craft Editor for Episode 8 2.0 (Beta)

    Cabal Online Craft Editor for Episode 8 This tool working, but your file structure must be proper. Lot of error handling not done. Functions: - Create, Edit, Delete crafts and craft structures. - Edit msg variables related to crafts. - Visualize the current craft system for bug finding. -...
  6. PwrDex

    [Script] Transfer Stat from one character to another + extras

    Functions: - Stat Transfer - Rune Transfer (and convert to sword and magic) - Quest Rings transfer - Additional item transfer Code: /*Preparing variables */ DECLARE @usernum INT = 1 DECLARE @source_char INT = 8 DECLARE @destination_char INT = 9 DECLARE @source_class INT = 1 DECLARE...
  7. PwrDex

    [Release] Discord Bot for Cabal Online

    Hello Opened in new thread because this source need some community work. It was used on my customized server. It's not work for beginners without help. May i will reply 1-1 answer but mostly this made for inspiration only. Source: You must be registered for see element.
  8. PwrDex

    [Cabal Online] Discord Bot for Cabal Online Episode 8 (Source) 3.0

    ** NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!! ** This source is made by me, and with my poor coding knownledge in python. Features: - Registration - Vote - Rankings - Online player Numbers - Announcers (WAR, SFC) - Auto Role management. - GM Ip for Database. - Service forms. - Character Deletetion - Sub password...
  9. PwrDex

    [Release] Cabal DLL Source extended version

    This is a DLL source + WorldSvr.bin for Episode 8 servers. What included: - +20 Upgrade fully working with visual - Damage Visual Fix for 65535 and above. - Passive Buff visual fix. - Dungeon Minimap icons. (May you need rework to fit your server) - Boss Messages. - Name on War and HP. -...
  10. PwrDex

    [Cabal Online] Mobs.scp Editor for Episode 8 server. 1.0

    Mobs.scp Editor for Episode 8 server. Usage: - Replace the resources in Files/ with your files. - Start the program, edit the table and Save. It will generate a MobSave.scp -> rename and upload to the server. Functions: - Filter the Mobs.scp by Dungeon Names. - Monster names are visible. -...
  11. PwrDex

    [Release] Tools for Cabal Development/Management

    Hello I'm started to upload the tools which made by me or by my friends. Those tools which not made by us, will be credited. Will update this topic during the uploading process. [Info uploaded at Resources] You must be registered for see element. + You must be registered for see element. You...
  12. PwrDex

    [Cabal Online] Item Option Generator 1.0

    Basic concept is from Bega Admin Tool -> Item Generator function Features: - Support +20 Items. - Support Bike Options. - Working bounds. - Button presets for most common options. - Working merged slots calculation. Made by PwrDex
  13. PwrDex

    [Client] Use Auto Set Button for allocate the unused Stat Points.

    Problem: When you have too much Stat Points to allocate than you need use Auto clicker or Website to add the points. With a minor client modification you can fix this. Solution: cabal .enc -> mastery_level up requirments change. If your version have CR20 only than you need use this. You can...
  14. PwrDex

    [Database] How to create Stat Token - Bugless

    What is the Stat Tokens? Stat Tokens are an ingame items which allow you to add custom amount of Stat Point to the characters using via Account database CABAL_SP_USE_PREMIUMITEM stored procedure. These tokens was used on my last server concept, in case if you wanna reuse it. How secure is it...
  15. Artem-Alekseev

    Cabal Discord RPC

    There is nothing to say here, all instructions are on github You must be registered for see element. Do not write in the thank you thread, only really important information, such as suggestions for improvements or bugs
  16. chaaanito

    Cabal Server ep2/ep8 Docker (Alpine Linux w/ Self-Hosted Controller ZeroTier)

    First of all I want to give all the credits to Artem. If you want to self-host, or play remotely behind a NAT. System Requirements: Alpine Linux 2 Cores 2gb Ram 10gb Disk You must be registered for see element.
  17. MrSensei

    [EP8/2] Improved MMO Paradox Launcher

    Alternative Download Link: You must be registered for see element. This is an original MMO Paradox Launcher for Cabal Online Private Server which has the following: Slightly more clean and optimised code. Version check made for cabal.exe instead of cabalmain.exe Added compiling / setup...
  18. PwrDex

    Mobs.scp Generator for Hardcore Channels

    What this script does? -It generating new Mobs.scp (you can define the name) by Percentages multiplier on different stats. -You can currently set HP, Defense, Damage multipliers. You can also add your own multipliers if you want. -Useful if you want to make simple hardcore channels. Usage...
  19. MrSensei

    [Server] Understanding Ability.scp

    It's me again! Ability.scp is responsible for Essence Runes, Blended Runes, Flasha crafting section and all of their requirements. F.A.Q.: > How does AXP work? - It is working same as EXP - simple leveling and based on it, you will get specific rates of AXP. > How many required items can I...
  20. MrSensei

    [Server] Understanding Pet.scp

    Short, general, explanatory tutorial on pet.scp and few notes on what does what, with few tricks included. Pet.scp - file responsible for pet settings. It has 5 tables: [Pet_Ex] [Pet_Option] [Level] [ReqEXP] [Pet_Price] Full description: Table 1 - Pet_Ex [Pet_Ex] - row number, mainly for...
  21. hepworus

    Hello! cabal offline server N10 error.

    hi im hepworus. im newbie here trying to learn how to install offline server for cabal can anyone [help] me about this error? I'm trying to fix it for almost 5 days..lol