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  1. Kuralsizvs

    does not come from world enemies xp - please help urgently.

    I adjusted the xp problem according to the level in the missions, but xp is not coming from the enemies.enemies xp settings where can i find monsters xp settings can you tell me exactly where to find it.D:\20200409-Live-92-04-01-server-HT\Executable\Bin\Datasheet\CompensationData folder...
  2. Kuralsizvs

    Star Topography closes itself without fail. why?

    D:\20200409-Live-92-04-01-server-HT\Executable\Bin in the file 1. StartTopography.exe When I run it, it waits for a while and closes and does not give any errors.I worked with the files I downloaded and the video installation. Link...