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  1. Kiosani

    [Release] XV-TEAM Ex405 (CHS) Files

    Hello everyone, I want to share these files that I was working on in 2021, they had been previously released but as part of a pack, they contain some unique custom features and a few unfinished things (incomplete code). Enjoy them! ScreenShots: You must be registered for see element. You must...
  2. admlanterna

    Mukidz Season 18 episode 2 Hard server

    Mukidz – Mukidz Season 18-2 Mukidz – Online pela Kidznetwork Brasil Mukidz – Servidor Online 24/7 UPTIME Mukidz – Todos os eventos ligados e prontos Informações do servidor Versão : Season 18 Episode 2 Exp – 25x ( Hard ) Reset - Off( sem reset ) Drop - 55 ( Semi-Hard ) Pvp - Equilibrado...
  3. Kiosani

    [Release] XV-TEAM Season 4 Full Files+SRC (22.07.02)

    Hi, guys, today I'm here to share the files I've been working on for 2 years, bugs? Yes, it is very probable, but that is why they are provided with sources of everything. good luck Changelog: - A lot of fixes (that I can't remember)... :p - Custom jewels (7) - Custom skills (19) - Radar...