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  1. GrenderG

    OpenDBO - Releasing 100% complete translation

    Hello! I would like to announce that I have finished fully translating the game to English, 100%, every single line of text. To achieve this, I used Zenkai's translation as a base and worked on it. There were approximately 4000 lines of text still missing a translation. I made use of AI tools...
  2. Hisax

    Ether Saga Online Classic Files (Server & Client) Chinese

    Classic files of Ether Saga Online , in Chinese from 19ur. What majority of us old players call the "Old ESO". Mega link has both server, client and the tools that came from the Chinese site. Use at own risk. You must be registered for see element. item number 5602 from 19ur has a set up video...
  3. Hisax

    Ether Saga Odyssey V650 Files (Client & Server) Chinese

    A simple release of Chinese files I bought from 19ur. (might be 504 with Lionheart expansion instead of v650?) The Mega link has both server and client as a VM image, plus the Chinese tools (use if you dare) Would be great to get links in return of properly cracked , set up and working files...
  4. mihail77bg

    Custom Overlord SQL system

    Hello guys I will release a simple overlord system that i haven't used but it's working it's simple SQL code that updates the skills based on character exp, some ppl asked me for that but i don't need it so that's why i will release it maybe some newbie will use it for their server. Planning to...
  5. ixaxmxd

    WZ [Release]: HaRepacker Stoned version

    Hi everyone, tho its my first release, I've been in this forum since forever, but this is my time to make a post instead of just leeching. I noticed the community is not that much dead, as it is pay2win like always. Now server tools seems to be paid at least the good ones. I've found this...
  6. S

    [Release] - OneForAll luascripts folder with all comments translated to English

    Not sure anyone else will find this helpful, but I have. A friend and I have been toying with a pserver for just us and changing things. It is much easier to read the lua files or find the appropriate ones if the comments are readable. I did not remove chinese comments, only appended the english...
  7. A

    DBO Private Server

    Hello, I have decided to make my progress from a couple of years back public. It's not really much but I hope this is of help to someone out there. My repo includes but is not limited to Extensive documentation (on the wiki section), bug documentation (issues section), progress on the mascot...
  8. A

    [Release] TW-012.1.01 星界神話 AstrealRealm

    hope it starts no setup tutorial includes no client includes have fun You must be registered for see element. **MIRROR: You must be registered for see element. You must be registered for see element.