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  1. PwrDex

    [Script] Transfer Stat from one character to another + extras

    Functions: - Stat Transfer - Rune Transfer (and convert to sword and magic) - Quest Rings transfer - Additional item transfer Code: /*Preparing variables */ DECLARE @usernum INT = 1 DECLARE @source_char INT = 8 DECLARE @destination_char INT = 9 DECLARE @source_class INT = 1 DECLARE...
  2. shiank98

    Simple PW Registration script with Captcha

    You must be registered for see element. Code might not be the best ever but I just wanted to share this with everyone. Features This was based on the original registration scripts lying around here Added Bootstrap 5.3 for the simple design Added a built in Captcha with verification Feel...
  3. ColdLife

    wCoin for /reset IGCN S9

    Hello Ragezoners, I'm using IGCN Season 9 files and all i found is /reset comand with all options (reset stats, add points etc.) but i can't find any reward function for Reset. I undeerstand, i can keep allow players to reset at Web for rewards, but it's a bit annoying for themto exit from game...