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server dev

  1. kenuaena

    Correct way to shutdown/restart server?

    Hi, can someone tell me what is the correct way to stop the server and execute all the pending requests like name change / guild name change? I tried to do GM command /stopServer but it doesn't seem to do it. Also, is it possible to announce it to people before shutdown as well? I tried GM...
  2. A

    Starting a Server [Client 7.54]

    Hi, everyone. I hope I haven't arrived too late to this forum :oops: I became curious about how the development of WYD private servers works and ended up finding a great series by Rechdan creating a server using NodeJS. I followed the series and decided to start developing a server for the BR...
  3. manspw

    ERROR:NET_LOGIN_DATA Wrong Message Size

    You must be registered for see element. When i tried to log in i have this issue ERROR:NET_LOGIN_DATA Wrong Message Size I've searched almost all of the threads here at RageZone and youtube and google and i didn't find the cause of this error btw im running this at Hamachi When i tried to...
  4. R

    How can I connect a habbo client to a server [EMU DEV from scratch]

    Hello, I'm an experienced software engineer with plenty of years in the industry. I want to start habbo emu dev, and I want the full learning experience from 0. That means getting client files and connecting them to a server. To start receiving and decoding packets, I need to tell the client to...
  5. mysticcro

    [Aion] Looking for partner 3.9

    Hey all, I am looking for someone to partner up with me and get Aion 3.9 going. Was a classic, and a lot of people enjoyed said classic times and days before it went downhill. I'd like to set up a server for this. Already some work is done, and renting server wouldn't be a problem, I'll cover...
  6. E

    [SERVER][CLIENT][VIDEOTUTO]Runes of Magic Full OneForAll - Version 6.5.2

    There is a torrent and Gdrive of One for All on zip original files and video tuto from MUPU of this forum. Download - [TORRENT] Multiple Servers ___________________ OneForAll [TORRENT] You must be registered for see element. | You must be registered for see element. | You must be registered...