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  1. P

    A Server Emulator for District 187 aka S2 Son Silah Game

    Dear members, good day. This topic was created for developers interested in developing a server emulator. With the name of the global version of a game in the mmofps genre that was closed many years ago: District 187, with the name used by the localised version for Turkey: S2 Son Silah, we are...
  2. R

    Looking for Experienced Flyff Private Server Setup Partner or Service

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking someone experienced in setting up a private Flyff server to collaborate with me on a project. Here are the details: Server Details: VPS: Windows-based, 8-cores, 16GB RAM (upgradable if necessary) Current Setup: Hosted a basic server with Ketchup's [VS22] v19.2...
  3. SKYC829

    Hello guys, i need some help for crossfirer 2.0

    Hello everyone, I can successfully deploy and run all the services, but there's something strange happening. My sggm_agent service is listening on port 12501, and my sggm_server service is listening on port 35700. If I configure the client connection port in version.ini to 12501, my game will...
  4. Pbreaker

    My Dragon Nest Server

    Hello all, any Serverfiles / Client i can create Server in German Language? :) Thanks for all! :) Greetings
  5. margriff

    [Aion 4.9][Docker] Aion Lightning 4.9 Automated Build with Docker

    Hello, guys, I've managed to run Aion Lightning 4.9 using docker with few commands. Don't know if anyone is interested but decided to share as it's beginner friendly. Here's the repo link with docs: You must be registered for see element. And a video guide: You must be registered for see...
  6. A

    New Archlord Episode 7 Private Server ARCHLORD.DDNS.NET

    New Archlord Private Server ARCHLORD.DDNS.NET You must be registered for see element. You must be registered for see element. Download Client 1.5 Episode 7: You must be registered for see element. Extract client and start the game from Archlord.exe for Launcher/updater or AlefClient.exe You...
  7. A

    [Client + Server] Vindictus latest version

    Hi, guys. Who can get me actual links to download client and server Vindictus latest version? Many links from this unfortunately not actual... I want running server locally. Some version clients and servers downloaded, but they have bug on Kai - longbow don't work... freeze and can't shoot or...
  8. G

    Supporting multiple different client translations (.data) on the same server

    Hi, i couldn't find much information on the setup for this and spent a good while looking. Say you have two clients an English and Russian with the different .pck and .data files translated. How can the server support the two copies of the .data files as the .data files for both clients can't...
  9. Hellong


  10. WeedLikeToSmoke

    [Clipstone] Black Ops 2 Plutonium Education Server Script For Free Cash

    Spits out a math question or any questions you add at the end of each round, if the user gets it correct using .aq <answer> they win a random amount inbetween 0-5000 You must be registered for see element. You must be registered for see element.
  11. C

    Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands (1996) server emulator

    Hello! Recently, I started developing server emulator for original Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands (1996). It is much work to be done, but, i already got some results. Network packets structure, clients initalization, characters creation and preliminary global region initialization works now. I...
  12. L

    Travian T3.6 Custom Project [Vanilla]

    Dear Community, My older brother and I have undertaken the work on an old vanilla Travian server running on version T3.6. We currently have two servers running, one for playing and one for testing and development. We're looking for more players to join us on this adventure and would love to...
  13. aidan132

    Trove Alpha Server Emulation

    Hey all. I recently got a hold of the alpha client of Trove. I'm looking to work on server emulation for Trove Alpha, feel free to reply if you're interested in helping out with reversing and building a working server emulator for the game.
  14. Z

    QQ Farm standalone server

    QQ Farm is an online flash game. Here's the software to run it locally. Windows only. You must be registered for see element. There's a video walkthrough that you can follow, but the gist of it is that you run the exe labeled [01] first to start the database, then run the second exe [02].
  15. Z

    Building Destiny Child: Memorial from source

    Hi Everyone, I was able to grab the source code for the game Destiny Child (a different link than You must be registered for see element.). I have uploaded it here: You must be registered for see element. I'm running into issues running the server on Ubuntu 22.04. The instructions say to use...
  16. M

    Looking for someone who can set up ubuntu.

    Hello, i had my own private server like 5-6 years ago. I would like to start it again. But i don't know how to set all needed things in VMware and other programs. I have all in-game files needed. but i need help setting ubuntu. can someone help me please? Pay for your time and affort is...
  17. K

    [Request] Searching for Warrock server emu

    Hello guys, Currently I am in search for a working Warrock server emulator (+client if possible). Sadly I lost all my private server files (due to drive failure), from my pserver collection containing a lot of files collected over the years. I could recover some but warrock is missing. Can...
  18. R

    Support to creat Warz Server

    Hi everyone, Im here to asking for help to create a server. Whats the first steps to do that ? Thank you a lot.
  19. Subaru97

    Polaris PSO2 Server Project

    Hello i am currently reviving the old, abandoned Polaris Core PSO2 Original Server i was able to get the base server compiled and running from the old project and am looking to see if anyone is interested in assisting with growing and updating this project also just to see if anyone is...
  20. C4liph

    Travia ServerFiles + client in 2023 ?

    Hi all Guyz, can we reborn this old good game ? Have someone serverfiles + client (ENG, i think it was DragonZ files) to debug please ? Thanks at all :cool:
  21. melvinpianaro

    [HELP] Connection to game server lost

    Hi! So, I'll try to be brief... After a month, struggling myself to make RYL1 Server works (A lot of "Client Version not correct" on login screen, and frustration), finally I've made it! BUT! Took a while (5secs) to try to connect in the map, and This happens when I try to enter (and client...
  22. Nostromono

    [DEV]Requiem Online Server

    Hello guys, I recently started developing a server. nothing is ready yet, and what is there is very raw. Since I'm quite new to programming, this will take a long time)) but I really want to share my progress)) Всем привет, пару недель назад начал проЭкт мечты)) Все сырое, ничего толком не...
  23. G


    You must be registered for see element. 🔥JUST STARTED +600 ONLINE - GMU HELLFIRE🔥 Do not RESET Server | Max Level 1400⚔️ ----------------- 🛡️Season 6 Ep G Classic | Slow Rates 🛡️Exp x10 | Drop 30% | No Rebirth 🛡️Max Lvl 1400 🛡️New Ranked Leagues System 🛡️Arenas Pvp - TvT Full Competitive...
  24. ThichQuangDuc

    Infestation: Europe (Old Infestation type server)

    You must be registered for see element. For nostalgia lovers, we have opened our old (2020) type of infestation survival stories presentation. If you miss the old days, join us. :) Here are some features: Colorado only. (PVP). No PVE Server. Global inventory is open. Durability system is...
  25. MaxTheMiracle

    BDO Tutorial for make Single player BDO

    Hi there my friends, i would love to make a Single player out of BDo Server is this possible_? like ie my idea is put every drop with 100% drop rate, so you only need to make the quests for killing, and no grinding whatsoever, and what i would love to make, is obviusly a slower Slooooower urve...