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  1. A

    [NX coin] How get NX coins private server

    Hi! How i can get NX coin to my person in my local server? And where stored info about person? What tables used fo change NX coin and change lvl, skills character?
  2. M

    What is the structural calculation behind the Rank.scp [RankUpBonus] & cabal.enc <rank_bonus> data tables?

    Hello, friends. I hope everything is going well. Today, I noticed something that caught my attention among the changes I made, and I'm not sure if it's a calculation error or a structural problem. Therefore, I wanted to consult with you. You must be registered for see element. As seen in the...
  3. bakasiveryan

    Hello, can help me how to edit skill effect in Ran Online.

    Hello Good day, Can you help me how to edit skill effects in Ran Online. Or Can you send me the link specially for INT type Archer. Max level 175 Last skill 157. Thank you very much.