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  1. TheBello

    Join Our Team: Seeking Passionate Developers for Kubbo Hotel

    Looking for a Team of Devs or a Lone Wolf to be the Face of greatness for my community. I have a big community of 100+ users that would love to enjoy the best of the features you have to offer with your skills and knowledge on the Habbo Development scene. the community is South America based...
  2. KatoOhashi

    [Elsword] Looking for Like-minded people to work on an Elsword Server

    Looking for Like-minded people to work on an Elsword Server as the name suggests i would like to start a new server. below are ideals and ideas id like to put in motion while we work : BASIC LIST - Starting off id like to make this server as an alternative to the main server in a sense where...
  3. D

    [Monster Hunter Frontier] MezeLounge Looking for Team Members!

    Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this Monster Hunter Frontier has come to life and we are currently looking for certain team members for our project who have experience in certain departments: - reverse engineer - People with experience using Blender to create textures...