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Join Our Team: Seeking Passionate Developers for Kubbo Hotel

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Jan 8, 2023
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Looking for a Team of Devs or a Lone Wolf to be the Face of greatness for my community.
I have a big community of 100+ users that would love to enjoy the best of the features you have to offer with your skills and knowledge on the Habbo Development scene.
the community is South America based (Spanish). But can be done main English with translations support.

We been up since 2022 (last reset) been originally live since 2020.
We are convinced that a new reset is required. We've made mistakes, bad decisions, changes et... that made our Hotel garbage pile up, bugs, and more.

We Need You!
To do so we need the support of talented and still interested in the Habbo DEV community.
By becoming a DEV at Kubbo hotel your work will be tested and used by a big community and its not going to be stuck in a GitHub page like most devs!
you will also be awarded with a share of the hotel's revenue every month.

We're open to previously developed packs/setups or fresh Arcturus/Comet must prove you can turn the emu into a beast upon time and same as the CMS.

Discord: thebello