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Digimon RPG - Launcher + Website

Newbie Spellweaver
Jul 27, 2023
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Help me fix this issue—I can't open the game. Here are the steps I've taken:

1. I go into the DigimonRPGLauncher folder and edited BaseLink+PatchLink in Launcher.Designer.cs + DigmonLauncher.cs.
2. I run DigimonRPGLauncher.sln through Visual Studio 2019, compiled it, and tested—it shows "Logged."
View attachment 243134
3. I exited the DigimonRPGLauncher.sln program and go to the D:\DGMORPG\DigimonRPGLauncherLocalFixed+Update\DigimonRPGLauncher\DigimonRPGLauncher\bin\Debug folder to copy everything to the DRO Client.
4. Then, I go to edit the dro3 values using the HxD program in files DigimonRPGEN.dro, DigimonRPGES.dro, and DigimonRPGPT.dro. I found the value and changed it to for all.
5. I go back to run Digimon Project.sln in the Server Emulator + SQL folder.
View attachment 243135
6. I returned to access the game through DigimonRPGLauncher, entered User+pass, clicked Start game, but a red error message appeared: "An error has occurred!"
View attachment 243136

In the end, I can finally access the game, but I still need to find a way to solve the issue of teleporting to different maps and managing items.
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How to solve “An error has occurred” problem?plz