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[Aura Kingdom] Tutorials, Guides, & Random Tips

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Jan 8, 2022
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Tutorials, Guides & Helpful Tips

Complete Error GuideBased off Hulu's forgotten thread this will be updated with all known errors. If you have a solution to a new error respond to the thread.NamiBoopsLink
Random Tuts, Guides, & TipsThese are a compilation of random tuts, guides, & tips found outside of Ragezone into 1 thread.NamiBoopsLink
AK OneClick Server InstallerSuper short & easy to understand guide that explains how to set up a server.UseresULink
Setting up CentOS 6.8 AK ServerThis is a guide that shows the user how to set up a CentOS 6.8 VM (Same as VPN, just minus the VM) as well as AK Server.genzLink
Setting up CentOS 6.5 AK ServerThis is a guide that shows the user how to set up a CentOS 6.5 VM (Same as VPN, just minus the VM) as well as AK Server.Eperty123Link
Video Guide for setting up CentOS AK ServerA video guide based on Eperty123 & genz guides just above.greatfang
Setting up CentOS 6.5 AK ServerThis is a guide that shows the user how to set up a CentOS 6.5 VM (Same as VPN, just minus the VM) as well as AK Server.ZortexLink
How to Reset Dungeon TriesMultiple users giving input on how to reset dungeons tries (bug)N/ALink
Quest Fixes & Item Mall AdditionsA quick guide that shows you how to fix Quests & edit the Item Mall.AngelShadeLink
Save Data, Merge Servers, Adding Classes1. How can I save your data and upload it to my server?
2. How to merge two different servers?
3. Can you put the lancer class? Weapons and other objects exist but the lancer class does not appear.
Connect to HamachiStep by Step for connecting to Hamachiitachi77Link
Add Coins & GM in V7Straight and to the point tut on how to give yourself GM & currency. Stix adds ID for Frags in 2nd post.NoonaLink
How to Change FontShows you where to change font at.RisaroLink
Making Custom NPCsShows you how to make custom NPCs. For disclaimer purposes Guide is made by Yoko, method was found by UseresU.Yokohiro & UseresULink
Adding New Eidolons From TW (V3, V7, V8)Shows you how to add Eidolons from the TW Client to your V3/V7/V8 Client.AaronzitoBRLink
Changing MAX Mastery LvlSimple and fast way on how to change the MAX mastery level.microraxLink
Translating Your ServerSimple and fast guide for translating your server.Eperty123Link
Taiwan -> V7This release includes newer Taiwan files that have been converted to work with the v7 release.UseresULink
Common Solutions to Problems on Server CreationSame as name. In both RU & EN.RisaroLink
[Tut] Item Mall ShopSmall tutorial on how to create your item mall shop.YokohiroLink
Unlocking all maps in-gameShows a method of unlocking all maps as well as a list of titles so you don't need to bother manually gaining them.ferasnLink
Adding Double Drops & RatesEssentially just shows you how to change drop amounts & rates.AsunaSLink
GM CommandsNot really needed since there's a .ini with all of the commands, but here you go.rokeysLink
Changing Monster EXP RatesBasically follow this to the letter or you mess up your files. Have fun lol.HyckerLink
Removing 'Log Output' WindowSame as the name.xklLink
Fixing Chest Drops & MiningJust a small tutorial on how to fix chests and drops.YokohiroLink
GM Commands w/ explanationSame as every other GM Command tutorial except the fact it comes with an actual explanation on what does what.FrostBlockLink
Changing Quest RatesYou have to do the same thing on C_Mission or else the player won't see the modifications.HyckerLink
Monster EXP Book & Modifying Item ParamsExplains editing Monster EXP Books & other tiems.AngelShadeLink
Fix or Drop Chance of ChestsSame as name.YokohiroLink
Changing Paragon TableDoes exactly as stated.itachi77Link
Patch Zone Server to Run it Behind RouterI 100% don't recommend this. Just use UseresU one click and everything is patched for you safely.PancakeBimmerLink
Setting up an Ubuntu AK ServerOutdated, but a great reference tool. This was made for V3.PancakeBimmerLink
Installing AK Panel in CentOSGuide on how-to-install Hulu's Aura Kingdom Panel in CentOS. Originally made for Eperty's release & VM.fluxboxLink
Hide behind your VPS (Reverse SSH Tunnel)Will admit this is actually what I like to do for any private servers. I suggest you give it a read.PancakeBimmerLink
[Beginner] Linux/SQL/CLI cheatsheetBasically teaches you the lingo.Pagefault404Link
Fixing Deleted CharactersSame as name.HuninHuneLink
Editing Item Stacking LimitsTechnically made for a bug in Eperty's V3 release, but it's still good to know.ForestGLink
Complete (2...) Errors GuideActually only 2 errors.HuluLink
Remote Debugging AK Servers with IDA ProSame as name. Even with this guide if you have no idea what you're doing don't bother.HuninHuneLink
Changing Server Time [CentOS]Same as name.AsunaSLink
Changing Max LevelGuide made for V3 when max was only 99. I believe TW is at 130 now.HyckerLink

If you release a new guide, tutorial, or even a helpful tip please let me know in this thread and I will add it. I most likely won't go actively hunting down new things.

Here is link to the Releases Version.
Here is the Complete Error Reference Guide.
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