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  1. S

    Official Habbo goes to remove the WebGL client from Habbo’s front page

    Hi! Today Habbo posted a new article. The article has been written by the new Habbo product manager. He speak about many things from Habbo. One is returning the protagonism to the Classic client, it going to be the main client, and Modern client goes to be called Beta, in second plane. Too they...
  2. Metaversee

    Arcturus Habbo - Event Plugin

    My topic was deleted because it was not entirely in English... As you know or not, I am French, sorry if my spelling is wrong lol... I am a beginner in Habbo development and I would like to know if there were one or more plugins allowing you to create event alerts on the left side of the...
  3. F

    [Habbo] Send Packets To Server.

    Hello, I have a question about sending packages to Habbo. I'm using G-Earth to move around in the game. This packet (on G-Earth) makes a move to coordinate 4-4. -------------------- [MoveAvatar] Outgoing[3538] -> [0][0][0][10][13]Ò[0][0][0][4][0][0][0][4] {out:MoveAvatar}{i:4}{i:4}...
  4. TheBello

    Join Our Team: Seeking Passionate Developers for Kubbo Hotel

    Looking for a Team of Devs or a Lone Wolf to be the Face of greatness for my community. I have a big community of 100+ users that would love to enjoy the best of the features you have to offer with your skills and knowledge on the Habbo Development scene. the community is South America based...
  5. TheBello

    Looking for a Bored Habbo Experienced <DEV>

    Looking for a Bored Habbo Experienced <DEV> $100 USD monthly Be able to Edit/Update/Improve Emulator, Nitro and CMS Must be able to know how to work with Headers incoming/outgoing Plugins wireds Must have a Portfolio. Discord: thebello 🚀
  6. S

    [REL] Havana Club - theallseeingeye Habbo Housekeeping Clone

    You must be registered for see element. A few months ago... Welcome to the theallseeingeye Habbo Housekeeping Clone and Open Source! Yeah, I decided now is the time to do public this Hobbanet. For starting it's a project for Havana from Quackster. And for now have couple fuctions added to the...
  7. V

    [DEV] OrionCMS - Arcturus Emulator

    You must be registered for see element. Dear members, Today I officially announce the development of OrionCMS. I've been developing it for a few months and finally came to show the progress, its characteristics, systems and technologies. The CMS was developed to be used with the Arcturus...
  8. D

    How to send a package on Habbo?

    Hello, How can I perform certain actions on Habbo. Capturing packets, I see that the structure changes every time. For example: - For use a furni ID. - For move to certain coordinate. I can't figure out which packet I should send to perform a certain action. Grettings.
  9. D

    How to interpret packets received from Habbo?

    Hello, By sniffing in Habbo, I get a hexadecimal value, for example: 00 00 00 06 06 b4 b3 7d a9 c6 From this package I understand that: 00 00 00 06 Corresponds to the size of the package. 06 b4 A package identifier. b3 7d a9 c6 An integer. Thanks to the package ID I know: - Name...
  10. DucksKinq

    [NITRO] A new Arcturus Morningstar camera plugin

    This is a new camera for the Arcturus Morningstar emulator that brings many improvements and bug fixes as shown in the image comparison on GitHub. Since everyone uses the Apollyon plugin, you can remove it and simply replace it with this one. You are welcome to contribute and create a PR if...
  11. S

    Hola Hola Hola!

    Here for the habbo retros!
  12. TheBello

    Habbo Roleplay Pack Release (HabboVIP/PixelZone) - FREE

    Hello Habbo enthusiasts! A couple of years ago, I invested $2k in a comprehensive Habbo Roleplay pack. Today, I've made the decision to share it with the community at absolutely no cost. Why am I releasing this pack now? The Habbo Roleplay community has seen quieter days, and my personal...
  13. joaowars776

    [RELEASE] HyceRP Pack - Complete [LEAK]

    What's in this Pack? All •Open Source Emulator •Official HyceRP CMS (Contains HK) •Functional SWF Version •Functional NITRO Version •Database included (there are 4 databases) It is a content that was apparently formulated for sales, as in some configuration places it asks you to put its...
  14. joaowars776

    [RELEASE] Private/Leaked 20 Contents for Habbo

    A Pack of leaked/private content Here below is the list: "MezzCMS for Comet" folder (2 contents) "Others" folder (external links to download other private content, 2 contents) "23-Templates-for-BrainCMS.rar" "AvatarImage+NewsGenerator.zip" "ButterflyEmulator(OpenSource+Websocket).zip"...
  15. joaowars776

    +270 Plugins for Arcturus Morningstar (for FREE) HERE!!!!!

    I ask you all to make mirrors and put them in the comments below, I will do it periodically if it disappears from anonfiles and others Discord: joaowars776 In case the links are offline, you can ask me directly there, so I will know and I will update this post and you will have the content I...
  16. S

    Arcturus Morning Star Emulator

    Hello! I am using Arcturus Emulator for my Habbo project, but when I try to launch it on my computer, I get the following error: The data is correct. I've tried using mysql with password, without password, changing the host to instead of localhost and nothing. Any idea what I can...
  17. R

    Hiring Staff for Frank

    Hi there, We're currently seeking staff members to help us launch and manage the Frank server, a retro for Habbo enthusiasts. Our hotel is undergoing updates and isn't yet visible to the public, but we're looking for passionate and experienced individuals to join our team and help us bring our...
  18. R

    Hiring staff for Frank Hotel

    Hi there, We're currently seeking staff members to help us launch and manage the Frank server, a retro for Habbo enthusiasts. Our hotel is undergoing updates and isn't yet visible to the public, but we're looking for passionate and experienced individuals to join our team and help us bring our...
  19. L

    Arcturus+Nitro - Fatal Error on localhost

    Hey guys, I had a problem with my You must be registered for see element. Always when I access the page says: Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'bantype' in 'field list' in C:\xampp\htdocs\system\app\classes\class.html.php:23 Stack trace...